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5 Ways to get your resume to the recruiter

Now that you have your killer resume, it’s time to hand it to the right HR. This is the worst part of the whole process, as you have a very limited control over it. You will be amazed by how many students submit their resumes over company websites every year. As a result, the recruiters have no choice but to process those resumes in bulk. If you don’t have a relevant work experience on your resume, your chances of getting noticed are close to zero. This is why the most straightforward way of applying to a company (using their website) is the most inefficient one. Luckily for us, there are some other alternatives. Here they are listed in the order from the most effective to the least effective.

  1. Peer reference
  2. On-campus career fairs
  3. On-campus application center
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Company website

Let’s talk about each of these options a little bit in detail.

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Amazon and Google

Preparing for an interview with Google or Amazon

If you are set for a technical interview for the internship with one of the software companies, congratulations! Although the hard work is still ahead of you, from now on your offer depends solely on your preparation and performance. It might not sound very assuring, but trust me, you’ve made it through the gambling part of the process, when you are not sure if your resume will make it to the hands of the right recruiter, and if she’ll be interested. You are at the stage when you reward depends solely on you. Now it’s time to crack the interview.

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Interview for Purdue CCO

There is a Center for Career Opportunities at my alma-mater, Purdue University. They were very helpful when I was looking for internships as an undergrad. Later on, when I had a couple of great internships on my résumé, they asked me along with other ‘experienced’ students to answer some questions. The replies to these questions were posted on the Purdue CCO website. Here are my replies that I hope will be useful to the IH followers.

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Résumé reengineered

Nowadays hordes of college students and young grads tailor their resumes in a desperate attempt to get noticed by recruiters from all sorts of companies. Not so long ago I went through this myself, and I know how it is – to spend a sleepless night before career fair perfecting your resume down to minor details so that the next morning the recruiter would glance at it for 5 seconds before she says to go apply online. The problem is that we are completely missing the point of resume: we think that the content is what important to the recruiter when it is not, we think that the more we have in our resume the more impressive it looks, and we think of our resume as of a 1-dimensional document. We’ve missed all the points. It is important to get in the head of the recruiter to understand what would make your resume catch their eyes and really stand out in the ocean of other resumes.

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